Extended Families Australia

"We are thrilled with our new website which reflects who we are and what we do in such a clear way. Visitors love seeing the faces of the children and the look of delight on their faces. We love the ease with which we can update or change information – it’s so quick and easy! Thank-you for understanding the essence of the organisation and representing it in such an appealing way."

Julie Langdon Manager

What the Client Needed

Extended Families is a Not-for-Profit organisation that brings the gift of friendship to children with a disability. They had a large, unwieldy website that needed to connect more emotionally with visitors and be significantly more user friendly.


  Give the organisation a more human face
  Strengthen brand awareness
  Provide useful information for families and volunteers
  Encourage online donations
  Increase the volunteer base
  Design + implement an e-newsletter
  Integrate a content management system (CMS)

What We Did

 Restructured the website to make navigation easier
 Reinforced the branding by using the heart shaped balloon as a design element
 Cleaner, consistent colour scheme based on pink from logo
 Incorporated numerous compassionate photos of children and volunteers
 Text was dramatically reduced, aiding clarity and  scannability
 Two large links on every page to highlight donating and volunteering
 Compiled relevant + informative content
 Stated the site’s purpose on the HOME page, making it credible + trustworthy
 Designed an e-newsletter template + structure for use by Extended Families staff
 Incorporated Eqwik CMS which lets the organisation easily update information at any time

The Result

A website that evokes warm and fuzzy feelings to highlight the exceptional work carried out by the organisation. Volunteers and families using the service can quickly find information that is relevant, up to date and that encourages participation.

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