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Judy Hacker – Marketing Bigwig

Judy has over 25 years business experience gained across many industries and with both existing and start-up companies. Strategically minded and with a hands-on approach, she will use her experience with major brands such as Yellowglen, Wolf Blass, Estee Lauder, Uncle Tobys and Decore to maximise the potential of your brand and to develop the strategy underlying the ongoing success of your website.

Melanie Blint – Designer Extraordinaire

Melanie is an innovative graphic designer who specialises in working with companies that care about their image and understand the importance of brand building. With many years of experience, every angle is thought of to ensure you make the right impression. As well as creating engaging and functional websites, she loves developing corporate identities for both new and existing companies. Melanie brings creativity, skill and passion to all online and print projects.

Irma Zimmermann – Brand + Social Media Know-it-all

Irma has many years of advertising, graphic and web design industry experience. When she discovered Social Media she became very excited about how businesses could leverage its power. It’s clear that the principles of good design, marketing and branding are crucial for businesses in Social Media. Irma's philosophy of humane design is a great fit for Social Media and her personal approach ensures that businesses experience a seamless transition into the "Business of Being Social". 

Yvonne Forsyth – Entrepreneur with a human touch

Yvonne’s background is within behaviour sciences and she takes a human holistic approach to business and online technologies. Business is more than a financial transaction between two commercial entities, it is about human interaction and relationships. She is determined to bring the heart and passion into the IT world. Her philosophy and approach to business is to create opportunities for other businesses to develop and to achieve their aspirations in business as well as in private life.

Peter Forsyth – IT Ace

Peter has a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Communications Engineering and a Technology Management MBA with twenty years experience as a consultant in telephony and Internet communications, gained in Australia, Europe and America. He founded arcticFox in 2001 with the ambition to provide small to medium sized businesses with affordable interactive e-commerce solutions. He has a strong customer focus and always listens to client’s needs.


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